I know this is a tired and old post concept to begin with, but the last few weeks have  had me feeling old. It’s been one thing after another capped by this IM exchange:

Mike: I was thinking about Pearl Jam the other day.  When their hit album came out in 1991, kids born then can drink now.
me: lol
Mike: …and albums that were 21 years old then were from 1970….the Doors were still together
me: that doesn’t help
Mike: So for a kid in college now listening to Pearl Jam, it might as well been us listening to the Doors
me: 'cept eddie vedder isn't dead
Mike: Fine.  Switch it to Nirvana.
This exchange was spawned from recent events including:
  • a 20 year HS reunion
  • Walt Weiss, a player I remember as a rookie, getting a managerial job
  • Glenn Robinson III playing baskeball for Michigan and having watched his dad play against Michigan…when I was at Michigan.