The Dangerous Animals Club

You remember Ned from Groundhog Day right? How can you not? Okay, if that doesn’t ring a bell, what about stoner former choir director from Glee! Sandy Ryerson? What about Bob Bishop from Heroes? Hopefully some of this is ringing a bell and you have some familiarity with the work of Stephen Tobolowsky

I bring up Stephen because he recently released a book called The Dangerous Animals Club. It’s a wonderful collection of stories, some from the movie/film industry, but most from life. Tobolowsky did a wonderful job weaving together some hard to believe real life experiences into bigger arcs about how we navigate through life. 

It’s a great read that at times is hilarious, other times serious, and yet always insightful. 

I write this and encourage you to read it because I like to share good things I find with others. I’m sometimes selfless like that. Also, I just like having a decent book to point back on when someone asks “What’s the last book you read?”