PLP 60 Day Challenge…Complete!?

One month ago I posted about the 60 day Push-Up/Lunge/Pull-Up challenge that my family was enjoying  surviving. It’s with great pride, and relief, and a little exhaustion that I get to say WE DID IT!!!!

Sixty days, and 5490 reps of exercise ago we began this project. And here we are today. All of us have added strength, and in different ways. Katy managed a one-arm push-up for fun the other day and doubled the number or regular ones she can do in one set. Billy is doing huge reps of lunges in a row. Laura is repping 30 inverted rows and even built up enough strength to do a couple unassisted chin-ups.

Do 1830 reps of any exercise in 2 months and your body will adapt and be stronger. I think the part that made me proudest though is the mental strength we developed to persevere. The stomach flu rolled through the household about a week ago. The kids didn’t want to fall behind and didn’t skip a day, suffering through when they felt awful.

Laura and I skipped a day, but didn’t want to wait to finish so we each doubled up and did days 59 & 60 today. The fact that we did it as a family and held each other accountable and supported it each other made it all the better.

Just three exercises, just one more rep each day than the day before, and before you know it the family amassed over 21,000 reps. Not bad for a few minutes a day for the last 2 months.